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As fall began I was running through a field of wildflowers as they too were coming to their end while Emily & Samantha were picking them as though it were spring. Mom & Dad (Sam & Kim) were relieved to see them laughing and giggling! Sometimes you just have to let kids be kids! ;)

Becca & Josh are patiently awaiting the arrival of their little princess, Lily. We did a beautiful maternity photo session in the state forest where Lily even went on a swing ride. They will make the cutest little family! I am pleased to be documenting Lily's birth when the time arrives later this month. It will be my first time photo documenting a birth and I couldn't be more excited!

Love was in the air for Pete & Sue as I photographed their engagement session at the Shrift Farm. Pete has been like a big brother to me as I have known him over half my life.  I couldn't be happier for him and his beautiful bride-to-be Sue. Sometimes you just have to wait a little longer and try again to find your true love. I know a thing or two about that!

I had the pleasure of making new friends with the Shrifts and photographing them too! Who would have guessed a frantic search for a rustic barn would lead me to some of the kindest folks I could imagine. Thank you for your hospitality Ed & Mary Jo. I am sure to be photographing that charming barn of yours again in the future.

So this fall is all about new beginnings, new friendships, new families forming and kids being kids as long as they possibly can be! Almost feels like Spring! 

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Oh the Places I've Been! (And the awesome people I've met!) https://tinahayduphotography.com/blog/2015/9/oh-the-places-ive-been-and-the-awesome-people-i-ve-met I am not sure where to begin... This summer has been amazing! My blog kind of got away from me because well, I was busy LIVING. Sometimes we photographers tend to see our lives through a lens. So I took a step back and absorbed everything, every place and everyone around me. And just breathed.

A lot has changed around here and all I can say is God is Good! I am finding my place in this big, wide world and loving every minute of it!

Let's catch up... In July I had the most privileged experience of photographing the PSP Cambria County Camp Cadet program. It is a week long camp for youth to learn what a career in police, EMT, first responder and even the FBI would be like. It was awesome capturing their progress throughout the week. This also made me learn something about myself as well, but you'll hear about that in an upcoming post.

I also made a trip to the hospital... to photograph pretty little Gracelynn Mae right after birth. What a beautiful experience that was!

I worked on some fine art works with the very beautiful and talented ballerina, Miss Cassie Helsel.

There have been kayak trips, picnics, fun times with friends and family, bridal fittings and showers. Oh, and did I mention kitties? Lots of kitties! Told you I've been busy! Ha! I also had a well deserved vacation with my hubby, John to our favorite island getaway, Chincoteague, VA. (AKA a bonus photo excursion full of sunset vistas and wildlife.)  

So now that fall has arrived, I have a fresh outlook for what's ahead. You'll get to hear about my family, children, maternity and engagement sessions that are keeping me crazy busy, along with some heart fulfilling volunteer projects that have more meaning to me than words can express.

Until then... Get out there and take in that gorgeous fall color, sip some apple cider and jump in the leaves!    xo Tina

  Sweet Gracelynn   Dawn on the Canal  

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Explore your world; It's closer than you think. https://tinahayduphotography.com/blog/2015/7/explore-your-world-its-closer-than-you-think I'm back! And what an adventure it has been! Today is the 4th of July holiday and so many of you are on vacation... at the beach, across the country or over the ocean. Well I have been on a nonstop adventure this last couple of weeks, and it's in my own backyard! Not exactly MY backyard, but very close to home. Living in the Laurel Highlands can be a blessing (and a curse with all this rain!). In the last month, I have kayaked Shawnee State Park in Bedford County, hiked the back country of Prince Gallitzen State Park in Cambria County, kayaked the Moshannon Creek in Clearfield County, biked the Great Allegheny Passage in Rockwood, Somerset County and hiked Stackhouse Park right here in Johnstown! Every single trip was like a mini vacation. Being in nature has a way of slowing your pace, calming you for the work week ahead. The great thing about it is it cost virtually nothing (except the kayak & bike) to get out and enjoy the peace of the woods and waterways. So, pack a lunch, grab the kids, friend, dog or go solo and find yourself, as you get lost in the great outdoors! Maybe I will see you on my next adventure!

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1st Holy Communion https://tinahayduphotography.com/blog/2015/5/1st-holy-communion The First Holy Communion at St. Mary's last week was absolutely beautiful. My niece Mikayla renewed her commitment to God that her parents and God parents made for her when she was born. It is a special feeling to watch such a young person make this journey as they continue their way in life to adulthood in the steps and eyes of our Savior Jesus Christ. Yes, time seems to go by way too fast; before you know it she will be off to college! But for right now we will cherish this tiny break in time and enjoy the angel that she is. May God always bless you.


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Morning at the Museum https://tinahayduphotography.com/blog/2015/5/morning-at-the-museum I had a very interesting Tuesday morning...my sis Jackie and I spent some time at The Windber Museum here in Windber, PA. It was my second time there (the first being 15 years ago!) and Jackie's first. We spent hours, as Jackie was researching for an article she is writing and of coarse, I was photographing the interesting artifacts that they have collected over the years. 

A little history on Windber: It was created around the coal industry. The company was Berwind Coal. See the resemblance? This hits home to us. You see, our grandfathers and great grandfather worked in these local mines. Grand Pap Killian was killed in the mine before we were born. It is part of who we are. Just think...This town, even this country, is what it is today in part to these brave souls who risked their lives daily just to provide for their families. Some still do today.

I think everyone would benefit from a visit to our little gem of a museum here in Windber. Although nothing came to life, so to speak, you can still hear the voices and see the lives in all that rests inside that old farm house.


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Doing what I love https://tinahayduphotography.com/blog/2015/5/doing-what-i-love It's been what seems like an eternity for me to have my dream of owning and operating my own photography business become reality. Of course life happens along the way too. They say that actually getting out there and taking photographs is what it's all about. Let me tell you, that's not all of it. Not. Even. Close.

There is insurance; that would make some people run right there! Making a business plan, (if you do it right), marketing (never seems to be enough of that) and my favorite, building a website. I do believe I should earn some kind of tech degree after this! But you know what? I would not trade ANY of it for the opportunity to be doing what I love as my career. Most people are not as lucky. I do have to thank some people that are very near and dear to me... My husband John for getting the short end of nearly everything, but always loving me. My family and friends for always believing in me, when I sometimes didn't. It's everyone that hits that Like button when they see my photos and for the kind words given about their favorite shot that makes me know this is what I was meant to do with my life. And with that, I say Thank You. Now I can get out there and take those photographs!

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