High School Seniors FAQ


I want you to get exactly what you want out of your senior session with me, but sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming. What do you wear? What location suits you? I have compiled a list of commonly asked questions to make it a little easier for you. I will be there every step to answer them all. Trust me when I say this will be the easiest thing you do to start your senior year! ;)

When should I book my session?


I start to book for seniors as they are about to ENTER their JUNIOR year. Yes you heard that correct, I book up to 8 months to a year in advance for my seniors! I only take a limited amount of sessions per month which includes families as well as seniors. The earlier the better!!


Can you showcase my passion for my sport in your photography?

Yes! Absolutely! Here at THp we LOVE to shoot sports, and will get the crazy shots no one else attempts. So, if you are one that is into sports, keep this in mind, as you will have one of a kind senior sports images that your friends will rave over!! Your passion for your sport will shine through each and every image! I highly recommend that you bring EVERYTHING related to your sport: full uniform including pads if used, proper foot ware, and all equipment ball(s), bat, glove, relay baton, pole for vaulting, medals achieved, all of it! The crazier the ideas you have, the better! I love a challenge! Location can be the field, stadium, school gym, pool, weight room, or just low key outdoors. Each sport is different, and we will plan the session accordingly.


Do you photograph more than just sports? I am into the arts.

Yes! Of course! I have worked with countless teen musicians (some on the verge of fame), graphic and drawing artists, vocal & theater talent, dance and computer driven teens. Each one is an opportunity for me to create a special collection using my art form, photography! One of a kind original art is what I aspire to create for my artistic clients.

What if you are not into sports or the arts? No problem! I have created some amazing portraits out of every day living. This is your time to shine. Whatever you do or not do, I can make a photograph with. Even if it's just hanging out in the local woods, by the lake or even a cool downtown ally.


Where will my photo session be?


My senior sessions are done mostly on location, outdoors and in the Greater Johnstown, Ebensburg Area (Others upon request). I have some wonderful favorite spots that work for all types of sessions. I have a wonderful outdoor studio as well that includes an old fashion rope swing, fern & flower gardens and a fence line. Sport photography is generally taken at the school fields/ gyms/courts/stadiums. I also work with schools for the use of their libraries, auditoriums, swimming pools, etc. Hockey is done at the local ice rink.  I will work with your ideas as well to best suit your personality. Traveling is always an option for an additional fee. I had seniors in Myrtle Beach & Orlando this past year! The sky's the limit!


What about the weather?


 Sometimes Mother Nature does not cooperate and we will schedule 2 possible dates in the same week. I only take a limited amount of sessions per month and have a very flexible schedule. We will work with it to get you the most amazing portraits, I promise. I will reschedule due to rain/storms. No one likes to be drenched for their portraits unless it is intentional.


What time of day do you schedule sessions?


Depending on the location planned, I typically start a shoot 2-3 hours before sunset or early morning. Really anytime is the right time.


What season works best?


All of them! What’s your favorite? Spring offers such bright new greens and flowers, summer has its wild flowers and warm evenings, the bold colors of fall are gorgeous, but if your favorite thing is snowboarding, then we shoot for the perfect winter day!


What should I wear?


Wear what you love. I want to capture the real “You”. That means being comfortable and confident in your own style. I would typically say to have one dressy or classic look, one casual and possibly one in a specific look like a sport jersey, or other type of style of dress depending on your favorite activity. If we are doing any sports photography, the full uniform including pads, shoes, and equipment is encouraged.



How will I capture your awesome personality?


For starters, we will have a great conversation so I can learn your favorite activities, places, and interests. We will set up a meeting at my office to go over some ideas that we both have on what you want to see in your photos. You give me your ideas and I will let my imagination run with it! Remember, this is all about you!



Do you have props to use for my session?


I like to keep things more natural, but I do have a selection of chairs/stools and some various items we can use depending on what you want.

Football player? Bring your football.  Avid mountain biker? Bring the bike! Favorite book, your car, motorcycle, you get the idea. If there is something that you love and want to be photographed with, bring it!


Can I bring my pet with me to be photographed with?


I love animals, but this is all going to depend on the type of pet and the location we choose, as some places do not allow pets. If you have a horse for instance, we would most likely do your session at the barn in which your horse is at. I do allow pets in the outdoor studio on a leash to start. The local state forest allows pets as well.


Are yearbook photos included?


I do offer traditional yearbook images with the standard gray background. It can be added to any package. I also do just yearbook head shots if that is all you want. There is a fee of $35 to add a formal studio yearbook head shot with a package or $75 without a package. Some schools in our area however, make it mandatory for you to get this done at the school by their provider. You will have to check with your school to see what they require.


Should I bring someone with me to the photo shoot?


All high school seniors are required to have a parent or legal guardian present with you during the photo shoot, regardless of age. Besides, I always recommend having someone along to help. Clothing sometimes needs adjusted and a parent is best. Sports photography includes action shots and I ALWAYS want another adult there for emergency purposes. What a wonderful memory you are making having your senior portraits. Why not share it with someone. Have you ever heard that the journey is more fun or as fun as the destination?!



What is the MOST IMPORTANT thing to remember during your session?


To have fun, of course! I know not everyone likes to have their picture taken. Believe me when I say this because I am one of them! I will give you direction and do my best to make you comfortable in front of the camera. Compare this to final exams, piece of cake! You got this.